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Jun 30, 2020

Trump denies knowing about Russian bounty on U.S. troops.  

Daytime EMMYs and BET Awards.

Spotlight on Evelyn "Champagne" King

Celebrating The 100th Year Anniversary Of The Negro Leagues: Josh Gibson.

Cam to the Pats is good for both.

Jabari Parker Playing Tennis In Public While Having COVID.

Jun 29, 2020

4 men charged in attack on Jackson statue near White House.

 Facebook advertising boycott list continues to grow.

Tim Scott finally calls out Trump.

4 HBCU medical schools.

Bryson Tiller Earns HS Diploma, Says College is Next.

White voice actors giving up their jobs where they voice black characters.

Tyrone Spotlights A Taste Of Honey.

The Speed of Cool Papa Bell.

Bubba Watson Is ‘Wore The Hell Out’.

Lewis Hamilton Rips Former F1 CEO’s Comments On Racism.

Coach K Posts Video On Black Lives Matter.

Several K-State Players Threaten Not To Play Over Racist Post From Student.

SUR Reaches it's 500th Affiliate!

Jun 28, 2020

Sheryl and the crew discuss being held captive and the system being used against you.

Paul being locked up.

Moses Oppressed.

Scriptures relating to being falsely accused and the justice system in the Bible.

Daniel Chapter 6

Proverbs 21:15

Isaiah 61:1

Acts 16

Sybil with the news.

Jun 28, 2020

Memories from the 90s and early 2,000s.

Healing from 400 years of pain.

Tyrone spotlights the Top 5 songs that had longevity on the charts in the 2,000s.

Sybil with the news.

Jun 27, 2020

Sheryl Underwood announces the Lend A Helping Hand selectee.

DOC in the mix.

Sybil with the news.

Tyrone Spotlights Shanice Wilson.

Is Walmart selling Bootleg Chains?

Rap Beef: Eminem Vs Revolt TV & Joe Budden. 

Meek Mill Vs. DJ Akademiks.

50 scores a W vs Ja Rule.

Jun 26, 2020

Sheryl Underwood explains why she has never gotten married again and what constitutes her ideal relationship.

The type of man she wants and advice for all women.

Red flags and deal breakers.

Why it is important for a man to keep his manhood.

What it takes to get Sheryl to submit.  

What it means when your new girlfriend cleans your house.

Can you ask God to turn a crush in your direction?

The Bishop Eric Sloss from “Spiritual Nourishment” explains the proper way to pray for a mate.

Jun 25, 2020

65 faculty members from AG Barr's law school alma mater say he has 'failed to fulfill his oath of office.’

Officer fired in shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

Primary elections and voter fraud.

HBCU Shout out to Clinton Junior College.

Gadsen State Community College.

J.F Drake Technical College.

Paul Quinn College.

Philander Smith College.

Bill Cosby might be getting out of jail.

Jimmy Kimmel takes summer off.

Spotlight on The Ohio Players.

FBI Says Noose Found In Bubba’s Garage Has Been There Since 2019.

Richard Pryor’s Greased Lightening similar to Bubba.

Big Ben Says Faith Helped Him Deal With Addiction Issues.

Salute to Jon Stewart.



Jun 24, 2020

Michigan cancels debate.

The Republicans are standing up to their bully.

HBCU Shout Out to Texas College in Tyler Texas, Bennett CollegeJarvis Christian College, Shelton State Community College, Interdenominational Theological Center.

Diddy Congratulates Ms. Opal Lee on 1 Million Signatures to make Juneteenth National Holiday.

Spotlight on Pablo Cruise.

Richard Petty shows up in response to NASCAR controversy.

Brett Favre salutes Colin Kaepernick.

Mississippi State Star RB Threatens To Not Play If State Flag Isn’t Changed.


Jun 23, 2020

Is John Bolton a traitor?

Working it out with John Bolton.

Whitney Cummings speaks out against Chris D’Elia.

Amy Schumer Dedicates Father’s Day to her mom.

Spotlight on Bert Camford.

Noose found In Bubba Wallace’s Garage.

Theodore Roosevelt Statue to be removed.

Dak Prescott has signed his franchise tag.

Jun 22, 2020

Attorney William Bar stated that Trump fired Geoffrey Berman, the powerful Manhattan US  Attorney but Trump says that he was “not involved.”

Latinx, the Hispanic coalition vows to fight anti-black racism.

Trump’s Rally in Tulsa was light in attendance.

HBCU Shout out dedicated to notable men with 'Father' in their name. 

D.L passes out and tests positive for Covid 19.

Spotlight on Bob James.

Anthony Lynn Says Kap Fits Their Style.

NCAA Trying To Block Confederate Flags At Venues.

Pulling down statues. 

Jeanie Buss Reveals Hate Mail.


Jun 21, 2020

Father’s Day is hard because Sheryl Underwood misses her dad, but she dedicates this show to her father who started off as a Baptist and later became Church of Christ.

Today we take a look at 

I Samuel 1:6-20

I Peter 3:9

II Samuel 7:14-15


Jun 21, 2020

It's Father's Day Weekend, let your man say "Who's Your Daddy?" 

Shouts out to the Girl-dads.

Salute to Ellis Marsalis. 

Jun 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day from Sheryl Underwood Radio.

Trying to make Juneteenth a federal holiday.

Shouts out to Two great fathers in Hip-Hop: Akon and Nick Cannon.

Meek Mill acting like every body’s daddy as he defends B. Simone.

Justin Bieber admits he benefits from Black culture.

Spotlight on The Commodores. 



Jun 19, 2020

Father’s Day: How your relationship with your father affects your taste in love.

Sheryl invites us into her childhood home to meet her father and explain his influence in her life.


Happy Juneteenth!


Jun 18, 2020

Supreme Court grants federal job protections to gay, lesbian, transgender workers.

Trump meets with families of slain Blacks.

Salute to Kappa Alpha Psi leaders...

Will Smith to star in runaway slave film.

Oscars Postponed Until April.

Howard Stern wears Black Face/N word/Mad at ppl NOT wearing Masks.

Aunt Jemima discussion.

B Simone cancelled again. Sherri Shepherd gets another job.

Michael Vs. The Eagles

Kyrie Irving suggests starting own league.

Chuba Hubbard and Mike Gundy squash it.

Tom Brady reveals "Break-Up Body"



Jun 17, 2020

Rayshard Brooks.

BLM polling higher than Biden and Trump.

Salute to the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta.

Eva Marcille Leaves RHOA. 

Cowboys and Texans got Covid.

Roger Goodell encourages teams to sign Kaepernick.


Jun 16, 2020

Word of the Day: Provoke


Zeta Phi Beta leaders in the struggle.

Jeezy Upset With Handling of Georgia Voting.

Taylor Swift wants to take down confederate statues.

Barbara Streisand gives Giana Floyd Disney Stock.

NFL Recognizes Juneteenth As League Holiday.

Popovich speaks out.  

T.O calls racism. 


Jun 15, 2020

Qualified immunity.

Harlow vs. Fitzgerald. 

Joe Biden is winning female voters.

Leaders in the struggle who were Omegas.

Bill Duke and Wayne Brady becomes members of Phi Beta Sigma.

Ice Cube offers w100k for Walmart looter damage.

Dave Chappelle drops a special.

Kyrie Irving And Stephen Jackson Say Now Is Not The Time to Play.


Jun 15, 2020

Sheryl Underwood and the crew talk about love, dedicate songs, and tell romantic stories from their past. 

Jun 14, 2020

At George Floyd's Home going you heard the preaching of the Gospel. Pastor Steve Wells spoke to white churches and said 

"We are not as good as we ought to be.

"We want the Saints to understand their place in change.

Today's Scripture:

Joshua 1:9

Micah 7:5-6

James 1:19

John Chapter 4



Jun 13, 2020

The Knicks’ questionable statement on racial injustice.

Spotlight on Big Daddy Kane.

Damian Lillard spits fire about George Floyd.

Akon teams up with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Black woman dies after attending a sleep over with multiple white women.

Deelishis proves you can find love during the pandemic as she marries Raymond Santana.

Drake calls out Minneapolis Cop Thomas Lane’s lawyer, Earl Gray.

News from Sybil

Mix by Doc





Jun 13, 2020

Men lying to spare women’s feelings.

Why 'The Crush" is being approached differently.  

Sheryl’s first love became the mold everybody else followed.  

Find out who said "I don’t want to marry you, but I don’t want nobody else to marry you."


Jun 12, 2020

Word of the Day: Vote

Covid 19 is still happening.

What defunding police really means.

The Homeless.

Tim Scott, the only Black Republican senator will lead the way on police reform. Will he stand up or be a token?

Famous Alphas in the struggle.

Snoop will vote for first time.

Terry Crews called out by his TV son.

Tyrone spotlights Andre Harrell.

Gabrielle Union calls out a big network name.

Ben Carson says you can kneel if you say you love America.

NASCAR Racers support black protesters.

Is Black Lives Matter the next Tea Party?


Jun 11, 2020

Word of the Day: Legislation.

Defund or Reform the police?

Kamala Harris is working it out with new legislation.

AKAs in the struggle.

Jussie Smollett holding on to his story.

Rest with the Lord Bonnie Pointer.

Jussie is his worst enemy.

Collin Kaepernick's leadership.  

Shaq talks to the Saints.

Should the NFL apologize to Collin Kaepernick?

Rest with the Lord Reche Caldwell.

Ben Carson.

Drew Brees.


Jun 11, 2020

Posse Comitatus Act.

President Trump attempts to use the military in a way they were not comfortable being used.

The Insurrection Act.

Salute to General Colin Powell.

Famous Sigmas in the Struggle.

Selma Movie allegedly punished by Academy for “I can’t breathe” shirts.

Fantastic Four director was not allowed to cast a black female. Told “We already have Michael B Jordan.”

Does Mitt Romney have the right to speak out against racism?

Deelishis and Raymond Santana tie the knot.

Dancing and Love in 1982.

Jim calls out white hypocrites and questions Mitt Romney’s woke-ness.

Pro Athletes March.

Roger Goodell Apologizes.

Gregg Popovich speaks out.

When NASCAR jumps on it you know you have a movement.

Adrian Peterson says they are taking a knee during the anthem. 

NFL Players Speak out and Goodell listens .


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